Ethical code

What to keep in mind before booking a reading with me:

My work is based 100% on working with the cards to help the consultant and any topic that is far from what worries you, that I feel you need to know, I will always ask for your consent.

For this reason, I think it is important to keep the following points in mind to get the most out of a session and understand what you can expect.

1. I am not a therapist or psychologist. These readings at no time substitute treatments from other types of professionals in the world of health, psychology or other fields.

2. The readings are not useful to tell you what to do, how to solve something or what decisions to make. And it is very important to keep this in mind. A Tarot reading is an accompaniment like a visit to the psychologist could be. It can give you clues, ideas, and information of many types, but always thinking that you are the one who draws your own conclusions taking into account the information from the reading. I will never pressure you to make decisions or tell you what to do.

3 . Readings will be made always to people of legal age (+18), and who want to do a reading of their own free will.

What can be consulted in a Tarot reading

1. All types of questions can be asked in a session as long as they revolve around the consulting person. Third parties will not be consulted (including ex-partners with whom there is no contact or partners of ex-partners or partners of people with whom one is having an unofficial relationship).

2 . Regarding health issues, you can always consult general aspects, but it is very important to note that for any doubt or suspicion you should ALWAYS consult a doctor. A Tarot reading will never be able to offer technical or concrete details about health aspects, so if there is really something here that worries you a lot, I recommend not consulting about this topic and going directly to the doctor.

Confidentiality and content of sessions

1. Everything shared in a session is confidential and it is between the consultant and me. I undertake not to share sensitive information, files, or data of any kind with third parties.

2. If you want to use the information from a case treated in a session, it will always be for educational purposes and with prior authorization from the consultant, changing names and identifying information.

3 . The recordings of the sessions are always deleted after a month and in no case serve any purpose other than so that the consultant can consult them again whenever they want. They will never be shown to other people or shared with anyone other than the consultant. Both the recordings of the live sessions and the recordings of the video sessions.

How to proceed during a session

My Tarot sessions are designed to be quiet spaces where you can relax. My number 1 priority is that you leave the session having covered the topics you want. and worked on what you are prioritizing at this moment, so that you end up having resources, ideas and a clearer image of many aspects of your life .

During the session we can talk without any problem, you can tell me everything you want and ask me without fear whatever comes to mind (as long as it does not contradict the previous points).

​They are flexible sessions so we can look at different topics in one session or adapt it at the moment according to your needs.