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Express Reading

Express Reading

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For people in a hurry: if you have a specific question and need a quick answer to guide you, with express reading you will have your answer quickly, concretely and in writing, along with a photo of the cards that have appeared.

​Jess will draw between 1-3 cards to give you clarity from different perspectives on what is worrying you .

*VIA EMAIL - written reading

 Once payment has been made , you can write to me by WhatsApp +1 786-328-3889 , to leave me your contact information along with your order number, so I can get the reading to you.

«​ Tarot readings designed to help you make the most of your current moment. Distinguish your skills. Reveal new paths. Make concerns clear. Transmute what you feel blocked. Reach that certain feeling of happiness. Face changes and new challenges with confidence.”

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